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    Dungeons is a very good place to go in Icarus Online. You can farm and obtain many good items and material from there. If you can finnish a Dungeon, you will get some Medals that can be exchanged for weapon and armors with nice status. Also there were some Story quests that required to pass through a Dungeon too. There are many difficulty levels of dungeons such as Story, Elite, Heroic and Legendary. Each Dungeon requires a minimum level to proceed, please look at a description in front of each dungeon.

Mode and Difficulty

    Story Mode is the easiest level of Dungeon. You can easily pass through the dungeon on your own. To go to harder Difficulty, you need to complete Story mode before.

Elite and Heroic Mode is more difficult, be caution, there will be a number indicated a Difficulty of each level From I (Easiest) to V (Hardest). More difficult level will increase the drop rate of items. We suggest you to play as a party to go through Elite and Heroic Mode.

Legendary mode required level of 40 or higher only. Because it’s the hardest dungeon, of course more items to obtain, there is also a chance to get Familiar’s mount, Legendary items ,Seal Stones, Seal Scrolls and more rare items.

Resetting Dungeon

Dungeon Level and Entry Limit of each day.

If you want to go through dungeon again after complete it already, Just go to Dungeon interface (Shotcut key : ] ) then click at reset button at the top right of each dungeon. To reset you must pay some fee. If you enter the dungeon without resetting, it will take you to the old dungeon that you have completed.


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